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Here are my goals for keeping Kansas a great state and the best reasons for them – our children and grandchildren.

Park city Parade

  • Restore fiscal responsibility to Kansas
  • Fund education for excellence
  • Fund the new Eisenhower infrastructure  plan
  • Expand Kancare for 150,000 Kansans
  • Protect citizen’s rights
  • Reduce sales and property taxes
  • Reduce sales tax on food immediately
  • Regulate factory farms
  • Harvest our renewable energy resources
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Representative Don Hineman, former Republican Majority Leader

Dr. Surendra Singh, Professor Emeritus at Newman University

Kansans for Life

Kansas Agri Business Council


Kansas Realtors PAC

The Sierra Club

Former Republican Governors Mike Hayden and Bill Graves



Wichita Eagle :

Moore dedicated

With a sense of greatest respect and confidence, I would like to endorse GOP candidate J.C. Moore to represent the people of Kansas House District 93. I have known Moore for more than three decades as a close friend and colleague at Newman University.

Moore is known for his passion to help students succeed, his warmth, kindness and generosity of spirit. His masterful teaching and academic advising skillfully guided his students into careers serving their communities as physicians, teachers, scientists and allied health professionals. Since retiring, he has decided to devote his time to representing the people of Haysville, Clearwater, Cheney, Viola, and surroundng areas in the Legislature.

Moore is a person of integrity, honesty and foresight. He is determined to restore fiscal responsibility to Kansas, fund education properly and provide health care through expanded KanCare. His utmost concern is to provide education to children and young adults by procuring adequate funds for our schools and universities.

I enthusiastically endorse J.C. Moore to represent District 93.


Women for Kansas (Nonpartisan)                                                                          “A” rating
Moore caring, competent

I have known J.C. Moore for decades to be a caring, competent individual, consistent in his commitment to the Kansas community.Kansas is struggling with severe economic difficulties that have led to a deterioration in our educational and health care systems, and a shifting of taxes to the middle class and poor, as well as continuing to under fund our pension system.With his scientist’s grasp of facts and figures and his willingness to problem solve without being trapped by rigid ideologies, he will effectively work with individuals of both parties to address these issues. To me, he exhibits a quiet spirituality in his steadfast concern for the common good, and will be a breath of fresh air in our state Legislature.— Dr. Charles A Gaynor, Bel Aire

Endorsements: Time for change 
Wichita Eagle Letter:
Moore excellent

I would like to call your attention to an excellent candidate who is running for the Kansas House. J.C. Moore has a wealth of what we need to bring to the Legislature at this time. Namely, common sense, decency and an interest in the common good of the state of Kansas.

Moore is a highly educated scientist and professor with a sense of the common touch. He has come out of retirement to serve the state and try to improve our very poor performance in the past few years.

As a board-certified children’s vision specialist, I have particular interest in his intention to expand Medicaid in Kansas. We have lost more than $1 billion by our ideological opposition to aiding the poorest Kansans with basic health care. This is foolish in every way. If Moore is elected, he will seek to rectify the situation.