My Goals for 2023

My Campaign priorities are fiscal responsibility, school funding, infrastructure improvements, and quality healthcare for all Kansans.

Here are things the 2023 Legislative session needs to do:

Fiscal Responsibility. We must develop smart budgets which will maintain essential services yet continue programs necessary for Kansas to prosper.

Schools. Tobacco Settlement Funds should be shifted to allow more funding for early childhood education. The school funding formula should be changed to provide more state aid for new buildings without property tax increases. School bus stop sign laws need to be improved and enforced. Special education should be fully funded.

Incarceration. It cost $35,000 a year to keep someone in prison. That money could much better be spent on job training and rehabilitation. The Smart Justice Initiative, which is sponsored by such diverse groups as the ACLU and Americans for Prosperity, will greatly cut the incarceration rate and save the state millions of dollars.

Insurance. Kansas needs to limit co-pays for insulin and other life-saving drugs. Roadblocks need to be removed so that people can more easily access mental health care through their health insurance.

Medicaid Expansion. Expanding Medicaid would insure 150,000 working Kansans and bring $800 million of our tax dollars back to Kansas each year. For it to pass, it must have amendments to trigger cancellation of the program if the federal match falls below 90% or if any of the money were to be used to fund abortions.

Do your part. Please Vote. You may request Advanced ballots or Register at the website

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