KDOT: The Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Plan

One of the highlights of the 2020 session was the Eisenhower Legacy Transportation Plan. It replaced the T-Works Transportation Plan, which was a 10 year, $10 billion transportation plan which was passed in 2010. Unfortunately, T-Works ended up $3.1 billion in the hole, and cost about 80,000 jobs, as money was borrowed from that program to shore up the state’s finances.  See: KDOT: How to Really Create Jobs (2018 Version)

The bill, SB173, created the 10 year, $10 billion Eisenhower Legacy Transportation plan. The plan was to be updated every two years to allow for changing circumstances, and it covered many areas of infrastructure besides roads. The bill requires at least $8 million to be spent in each county through fiscal year 2030, and allocates a percent of sales tax for the State Highway Fund. It includes a rural broadband fund and provides for the following types of programs in accordance with new or continuing law:

● An aviation program to provide assistance for planning, constructing, reconstructing, or rehabilitating the facilities of public use general aviation airports;

● Public transit programs to aid elderly persons, persons with disabilities, and the general public;

● A transportation technology program to provide for multimodal transportation-related projects that support innovative technology; and

● A multimodal program to provide improvement assistance for bike facilities, pedestrian facilities, or other transportation-sensitive economic opportunities on a local or a regional basis.

The Eisenhower Plan was designed to make it as difficult as possible for future borrowing from the transportation budget.

It is always nice to receive a little recognition for your work:

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